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World of Coffee


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We are delighted to bring you coffee from some of the main coffee producing countries. Our World of Coffee range features coffees from Peru, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

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From the Aprocoyce Amazonas Cooperative with tasting notes of stone fruit and chocolate.

The cooperative was founded on the 3rd of August 2013, in Rodriguez de Mendoza City in the Amazonas region, under the objective of improving the coffee production in the area. Initially formed by only 23 small farm members, today more than 280 certified organic farms are part of the association. The coffee is handpicked and processed at the farms then brought to the main cooperative mill from where it is later exported.


From the Gisuma Cooperative with tasting notes of peach tea, lychee and smooth cocoa.

Gisuma Cooperative was founded in 2009 to find a market for the speciality coffees they were producing. Their washing station sits in a valley with many of the cooperative coffee farms located around the lush area. The cooperative is relatively small with under three containers a year being exported. Premiums from the coffees sold have been used to fund road improvements to the co-op and surrounding villages, build wells and pay for co-op members health insurance.


From the Kilenso Mokonisa Cooperative with tasting notes of zest and citrus with a smooth finish.

The Kilenso Mokonisa Cooperative currently has around 360 small holder members. It is located in the Bule Hora ward in the Borena Zone near Hagermariam town. This cooperative is renowned for the quality lots produced by its members as well as their organic practices that means the farmers use fewer intensive agricultural inputs to maintain their coffee gardens.

Papua New Guinea

From Elimbari A with tasting notes of mandarin, bold sweetness and dried dates.

Much of Papua New Guinea’s coffee is grown by small farm holders in small coffee gardens that are left to grow naturally and are harvested when ready. The Elimbari project was started over ten years ago by Kongo Coffee’s native owner, Jerry Kapka, to help provide better working opportunities for his family, friends and other local people.

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Peru, Papa New Guinea, Ethiopia, Rwanda


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