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About Us

From coffee bars, mobile units and pop up cafes to bottle bars, prosecco bars and cash bars we have you covered. Find out more here.

Coffee Bean


Fully traceable coffee you can enjoy at home or have served at your event. We have you covered with one of our mobile units, coffee bars, barista stations or pop up cafes.

Coffee Bean


Add to your event with one of our rustic bars or white bars. We have multiple packages to suit any budget.

Coffee Bean


Need help planning or adding to your event. We can help with arranging a tipi, street food, entertainers and fire eaters.


Our coffee is sustainably and ethically sourced through our supplier direct from the farmer allowing us to have a positive impact on the community in some of the poorest countries. 

Every cup of artisan coffee purchased helps us fulfil a promise as a responsible retailer. That promise is to make a handcrafted beverage specially for you that tastes great and helps provide income to families in the developing world.

We take a huge amount of pride in all of our coffees. We search the finest coffee growing regions of the world before, finally, deciding which beans would make up our superior range of ethical coffees.

All our coffee is freshly roasted and ground to order.

Our Van

We are incredibly lucky to own an Izzo Pompeii barrista machine as they are only available in limited bursts.

One of the most professional, it is a manually operating barista machine that guarantees an espresso coffee extraction in the full respect of the Neapolitan tradition.

Our beautiful espresso maker is housed in an equally beautiful and fully mobile Piaggio Ape 210cc bought direct from Italy adding an eye catching welcome to our clients and customers.

We also have barista stations which can be used for smaller spaces. Available in two different sizes. Contact us, today, to discuss your requirements.

If your looking for something different to have at an event or wedding speak to us about our bespoke packages.

Our Team

Get to know the team behind Adoro Caffe.



For the past 3 years, Jane has lived and breathed Adoro Caffe. She is relentless, never stopping, never resting (I have to force her to take a day off) and she is always positive, whatever the day throws at her. She is the hashtag#CoffeeGirl but, more importantly, she is my go to girl when things get tough. I’ve never met anyone who puts in the effort that Jane does…… and I’ve never seen anyone have such a low regard for speed bumps when towing a trailer. In case you don’t know her, I give you Jane!! The Queen of Adoro



Meet hashtag#CoffeeGuy Mr Daniel Goldsmith himself. Dan is a cheeky chappy who will keep you entertained for hours. He knows how to make you laugh, can make an amazing cappuccino and is the master of knowledge when it comes to our next project 😘 keep your eyes peeled coffee friends, good things are coming ☕❤ I couldnt do any of this without the support of Mr Adoro. When you need cheering up or just want to be welcomed with a bit of Essex charm you know where to come. hashtag#CoffeeGuy will always make you smile ❤🤴



Matt is a legend on the bar. He loves chatting to everyone and gives #CoffeeGuy a run for his money in the banter department. There is never a dull moment when Matt is about and he keeps things running smoothly ❤

Matt is also a Supervisor for a well-known veggie company when he doesn’t have his Adoro hat on and loves dressing up his beard with glitter and bells.



Joanna is currently studying Literature and has aspirations to be an Editor. This is her first role within the world of coffee and she’s taken to it like a duck to water (never really got that saying…… “a duck to water”. Odd). Joanna is wanting to practice her latte art further but has, already, mastered #PrincessSprinkles when it comes to making a hot chocolate
In her spare time Joanna plays football and hopes to, one day, play for Accrington Stanley!! (Who are they?? Exactly!!)


Oxford Store Manager


LaeAnne is currently studying Occupational Therapy at The Uni and comes from a hospitality background. When LaeAnne is behind the counter, EVERYTHING runs smooth!! She’s cool and collected and greets every customer with a warm, friendly “hello”. In her spare time, LaeAnne enjoys Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain!! (Seriously, I had to make something up, LaeAnne never gets any spare time!! She’s too busy with studying!!) 

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Bookings need to be made in advance. Contact us for more info and how current guidelines may affect your booking.




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