We do more than just amazing coffee

Did you know that Adoro Caffe also offers coffee experiences at HQ, hand-picked loose leaf tea, apparel and gifts!

Coffee At The Castle

Join us at HQ to learn about the history of coffee, improve your coffee making skills, enjoy a coffee tasting session or blend your own coffee.

Hand-picked Loose Leaf Tea

We love our coffee but we also love our tea. Find out more about our seasonal and wellness tea's.

Gifts and Apparel

Thoughtful gifts and apparel that can be personalised for the one you love.

We Believe In Serving, and selling, Coffee That not only Tastes Incredible but also provides a more sustainable future for the coffee industry.

Our commitment to sustainability begins with the relationships we have with our coffee farmers. Direct contact means we can keep our promise to give producers fair pay, check working conditions and help with education.

Our wood fired roaster will be powered by trees which have naturally fallen to the ground. The carbon released from a tree when it is laid on the floor has the same carbon footprint when we roast over it. This way of roasting not only adds a unique flavour profile but is also carbon neutral. Many gas-powered roasters account for 50% of the carbon produced in a coffees journey from tree to roaster and we don’t think we should sit back and accept this way of roasting anymore, making our roasting process more sustainable for the environment.

We will be completely honest and accountable for our business. We will publish results each year of our environmental and ethical impact. You will be able to see the help we give to producers, how much we pay for our coffee and the amount of wood we use in our roaster and the amount of trees planted each year.

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Bookings need to be made in advance. Contact us for more information and how current guidelines may affect your booking.